At The Good Egg, we work closely with our meat supplier, Swaledale Foods in Skipton, Yorkshire, to ensure we source the best possible rare-breed free-range and ethically reared meat.

Our marinated and flame grilled lamb chops are a huge hit on the menu in both our restaurants, and the most economical and waste-free way for us to buy chops is to buy the entire saddle, which includes the lamb ribs and belly too.

When a saddle comes in we take the chops for our main menu, trim down the ribs for a delicious sticky lamb ribs starter, and then take everything that is left, all the trimmings, fat and belly meat and use it to make awarma – a mixture of the rendered lamb fat and meat trimmings that can be stored for a long time and is delicately spiced – and just using a tiny amount of it adds an amazing extra dimension to dishes… Especially hummus, which is served with crispy lamb awarma all over the Middle East.

While using the entire lamb saddle is really satisfying, we didn’t want to stop there – instead we took the waste product from another of our top-selling dishes – the whole roasted cauliflower – and deep fried the leaves to make delicious crispy dipping spoons, and then topped the whole thing off with a zingy beetroot stem relish (spiked with the leftover brine from our home-preserved lemons) to cut through the richness of the lamb and hummus… All finished with leftover carrot tops or finely chopped herb stalks for a fresh green finish.

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