The Food Made Good 50 is a new way of tracking and managing your progress across 50 truly impactful initiatives; some big, some small.

We have created a way to
• Promote your achievements
• Plan your sustainability agenda
• Prioritise the challenges you face

Working through the Food Made Good 50 will help you to push further and faster towards a brighter food future for people and planet.

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Celebrate local and seasonal

1. We use 100% British meat
2. We promote local, seasonal produce on the menu
3. We change the menu with the seasons
4. We know the provenance of 100% of our ingredients
5. We source food from at least one local farmer, fisherman, or producer
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Serve more veg & better meat

6. We don’t serve red meat
7. At least half our menu is vegetarian
8. We offer meat in reduced portion sizes (if over 85g)
9. We don’t serve eggs from caged hens
10. We offer at least one vegan dish a day
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Source fish responsibly

11. We never serve endangered species (IUCN Red List)
12. We change fish options on the menu to avoid spawning season
13. We only serve MCS green rated fish
14. We tell diners about fish sustainability on the menu
15. We serve a diversity of species on our menu (beyond Tuna, Cod, Haddock, Salmon & Prawns)
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Support global farmers

16. We work with coffee, tea, chocolate and/or sugar suppliers who have transparent direct trade agreements
17. We only use responsibly sourced palm oil
18. We only buy certified fairly traded tea, coffee, sugar and/or chocolate
19. We buy produce in a way that ensures workers rights, labour and environmental stewardship in our supply chain
20. We only buy responsibly sourced soy
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Treat Staff Fairly

21. We provide all staff with at least one free meal per shift
22. We don’t have staff working unpaid overtime
23. We ensure equal pay for equal roles
24. We pass on all customer tips and service charges equally to all staff
25. We have a known grievance policy and system for feedback and complaints that is accessible to all staff
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Support the community

26. We are accessible to those with disabilities
27. We collect money for charity with our diners
28. We donate staff time or space on site or money to those who need it
29. We measure and report our social impact
30. We are a socially inclusive recruiter
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Feed People Well

31. We serve at least two portions of vegetables with all children’s meals
32. We disclose the calories on our menus
33. We do not serve endless refills on sugary drinks
34. No main courses on our menu are more than 50% of your recommended daily intake of calories, fat, sugar or salt
35. We cater to different dietary needs
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Value Natural Resources

36. We buy 100% green energy
37. We don’t cook on gas
38. We only use LED lights
39. We monitor and reduce our energy and water consumption
40. We train staff on reducing energy and water
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Reduce Reuse Recycle

41. We don’t use plastic straws, cutlery, stirrers or sachets
42. We buy from suppliers who minimise single use plastic packaging
43. We recycle glass, plastic and paper/cardboard
44. We send no waste to landfill
45. We only use plastic items that are 100% reusable or compostable
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Waste no food

46. We measure food waste and set reduction targets
47. We separate food waste, and ensure it is disposed of as AD or composting
48. We use preservation methods like fermentation and pickling to reduce food waste
49. We offer leftovers to go
50. We donate surplus food
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