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Seven out of ten of the UK’s 366,000 annual sewer blockages are caused by FOG.

With an estimated 70% of commercial kitchens having no equipment in place to tackle FOG, urgent action is required.

With the launch of our new guide, we hope to help hospitality to transform the way they tackle, fat, oil, and grease in the kitchen to transition from fatbergs to fat wallets.


Grease is the word: A guide to help foodservice tackle Fat, Oil and Grease

This toolkit will help you

✔ Avoid an expensive prosecution

✔ Avoid an expensive clean-up operation for blocking the sewer

✔ Find out how to turn FOG into cash

✔ Discover your legal obligations

✔ Learn the key dos and don’ts

Download here

Fats, Oils & Greases image
Fats, Oils & Greases image

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