Celebrate Local and Seasonal

We use 100% British meat

We change the menu with the seasons

We source food from at least one local farmer, fisherman, or producer

We promote local, seasonal produce on the menu

Serve More Veg and Better Meat

We offer at least one vegan dish a day

We don’t serve eggs from caged hens

Source Fish Responsibly

We never serve endangered species (IUCN Red List)

We only serve MCS green rated fish

Support Global Farmers

We only buy responsibly sourced soy

We only use responsibly sourced palm oil


Treat Staff Fairly

We provide all staff with at least one free meal per shift

We ensure equal pay for equal roles

We have a known grievance policy and system for feedback and complaints that is accessible to all staff

We don’t have staff working unpaid overtime

Support the Community

We are accessible to those with disabilities

Feed People Well

We do not serve endless refills on sugary drinks

We cater to different dietary needs


We Reduce Reuse Recycle

We don't use plastic straws, cutlery, stirrers or sachets

We buy from suppliers who minimise single use plastic packaging

We Waste No Food

We use preservation methods like fermentation and pickling to reduce food waste

We offer leftovers to go