Balancing convenience for our customers and our responsibility to the environment is a huge challenge, especially for a business like ours where most of our food is taken away. But we have worked very hard to make ourselves as sustainable as possible; here are some of the achievements we are most proud of:

We are the only high-street brand to offer free filtered still and sparkling water in our shops. Our water stations are accessible to everyone; you can fill-up anytime, even if you’re not buying anything.

We offer a 50p reusable cup discount and over 12% of coffees sold at Pure are now served in a reusable cup, saving 100,000 single-use cups in the last year.

We have introduced free vegan milks with any hot drink so that anyone who wants to enjoy dairy free milk in their coffee is not charged extra, this includes Oat, Coconut and Almond milk.

We have a 0% gender pay gap across the whole business (and a 0.1% female pay advantage in our shops) and our teams are not employed on zero-hour contracts.

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