We work with growers that share our philosophy of prioritising flavour in their growing, and we have a unique ability to build relationships based on trust and a common vision. We understand how to grow for great flavour and that it takes time, patience, commitment and a wealth of expertise to achieve the fullest sensory experience.

We believe that once savoured, great flavour will change the way you enjoy fruit & vegetables forever.

Sustainability Goals 2018

From protecting biodiversity through the seasonal plant varieties we choose to grow, to actively reducing food waste, we encourage sustainable practices across the entirety of the supply chain. The unique way in which we source our produce protects traditional growing practices in danger of being eliminated by high-yield intensive commercial farming. More than just a supplier, we actively support small-scale growers who are committed to their land and their craft.

We also work hard to educate our end-customers – whether they be Michelin-starred chefs or less experienced home cooks – in order to create a greater appreciation of the work that goes into growing exceptional produce. We aim to develop a much deeper understanding of seasonality and a sense of responsibility towards our food system and the planet. We should not underestimate the impact we can all have on the supply chain through how we choose to cook and eat.

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