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Completed online in the Food Made Good UK community, the rating is a survey capturing your activity across our three pillars of sustainability: Sourcing, Society & Environment – simply put it’s the food on the plate, your relationship with people and the impact on the planet.

Once you’ve completed your survey we calculate a percentage score for each key area, and the overall sustainability score is an average of those percentages. A business may achieve one, two, three or no stars depending on their score.

You can read and download the 2020 rating questions here. In each section of the rating there are three types of question:



The bulk of the rating is based on current practices at the business. To score maximum points in this section we focus on buying ethically produced ingredients, treating staff and the community with respect and carefully managing the natural resources used by the business. We provide resources and support on how to do this



We ask larger businesses to formalise practices by writing them as policies, and we encourage smaller businesses to have a strategy or set of goals that they are working towards. In both cases we award points for having measurable plans and documentation in place. This helps both staff and suppliers understand and adhere to the business’ values.



To celebrate businesses going above and beyond, we explore how they create change, build momentum and influence their customers and other businesses. To gain maximum points in this section, a business must promote it’s initiatives to customers, share it’s successes among our community, aim for continual improvements to sustainability and train staff in each key area to help spread influence.

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Working out whether your business is leading or lagging when it comes to sustainability can seem like a pretty daunting task, but we’ve got just the ticket to get you started. Help your team to find out where you stand by completing the Food Made Good 50

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Our sustainability framework

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The zeitgeist is shifting, and it’s time to show the world how progressive you are. Our Sustainability Rating will help you to benchmark your progress, keep up with industry standards and make incremental changes to your business.


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