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Andrew Stephen thumbnail

Andrew Stephen

Tel: 020 3903 2762

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate Into the Sawah– It’s just so easy to cook at home 😉 ”

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Development Director

Juliane Caillouette Noble

Tel: 020 3903 2769

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate This One Planet Plate is exactly the kind of food I want to eat all day every day. Seasonal, veggie forward, and bloody delicious”

Ylva Johannesson | FURLOUGH thumbnail
Head of Membership

Ylva Johannesson | FURLOUGH

Tel: 020 3903 2772

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate “I feel I have to pick this one… but I’ll abandon my Scandi roots for this one…The Good Eggs’s Hummus awarma with fried cauliflower leaves & pickled beetroot stem relish is a great example of how using up good quality meat and vegetable trimmings, which would have been wasted otherwise, creates exciting new flavours to an already familiar dish such as hummus.”

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Head of Growth and Marketing

Tom Richardson

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PR Manager

Tom Tanner

Tel: 020 3903 2773

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate “What other dish can you think of that smells and tastes of where it comes from, acts as its own cutlery and have a minimal impact on the environment? Nothing rivals mussels and Cafe St Honore’s classic recipe with garlic, shallots, cream and tarragon is hard to beat. Yum!”

Aisling Hayes | FURLOUGH thumbnail
Sustainability Consultant

Aisling Hayes | FURLOUGH

Tel: 020 3903 2766

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate “This recipe for Smoked hen’s egg opened my eyes to the wonder that is mushroom ketchup for which I’m grateful. Also a sucker for soda bread.”

Nell Armitage | FURLOUGH thumbnail
Head of Data and Digital

Nell Armitage | FURLOUGH

Tel: 020 3903 2763

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate “I love making The Balcon’s Crispy skinned cornish mackerel, falafel, confit tomato & sumac yoghurt because I’m obsessed with mackerel and this version also incorporates middle-eastern flavours, which I can’t get enough of”

Hannah Dean-Wood | FURLOUGH thumbnail
Membership Manager

Hannah Dean-Wood | FURLOUGH

Tel: 02039 032 775

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate “Having only discovered Shashshuka recently, I have become obsessed! I ordered nearly every time I see it on a menu and am excited to try to make it at home someday soon.”

Emily Shankar | FURLOUGH thumbnail
Events Manager

Emily Shankar | FURLOUGH

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate “Raw energy bites: Deliciously Ella uses raw, super-foods from the earth to beat the 3 o’clock slump and satisfy my sweet tooth. They’re the perfect on-the-go treat!”

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Membership Projects Manager

Rosie Rayner-Law

Tel: 020 3903 2774

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate “Kimchi instantly adds a little kick to any meal, and the usage of other-wise wasted stalks in this makes it a double whammy of goodness.”



Katy Ellwood | FURLOUGH thumbnail
Business Development Manager

Katy Ellwood | FURLOUGH

Tel: 020 3903 2771

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate “I’m a sucker for an oyster…delicious, salty, fun to eat and they filter water whilst removing CO2 from the atmosphere. If fresh shucked oysters aren’t for you try blitzing them into a creamy sauce!””

Eleanor McNeill | FURLOUGH thumbnail
Creative and Design Manager

Eleanor McNeill | FURLOUGH

Tel: 020 3903 2769

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate “My Australian roots mean avocado is close to my heart but Salon’s Broccoli-based creation provides a sustainable alternative for those delicious weekend brunches!”

Cameron McDonald | FURLOUGH thumbnail
Community Manager

Cameron McDonald | FURLOUGH

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate: “I am a big fan of curry!”

0203 903 2772

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Project Manager

Louisa Dodd

Tel: 020 3903 2765

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate: Green Pea and Lemon Verbena Hummus with Crispy Chickpeas! Anything including hummus, but also because of the amazing things Belazu do with their foundation, there’s a worrying disconnect between food companies and the ingredients they source.

Agatha Georgiou | MATERNITY LEAVE thumbnail
Finance Manager

Agatha Georgiou | MATERNITY LEAVE

Tel: 020 3903 2761

Favourite #OnePlanetPlate “How can you enjoy a meal that damages the marine environment and captures non-target species?! Let’s all respect the sea and source fish (and seafood) sustainably: Hand dived Isle of Mull scallops



Alana Mellon | FURLOUGH thumbnail
Project Manager

Alana Mellon | FURLOUGH

Tel: 020 3903 2765

Broccomole – Simple and yummy!