The Sustainable Restaurant Association is calling on the whole foodservice sector to take on the tastiest challenge on the planet.
This is a report about the state of sustainability in the UK foodservice sector – a review of what operators have done in 2018, an assessment of the pressing challenges ahead, it’s preparedness for tackling them, and an action plan for the industry for 2019 and beyond.

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Action is needed

The scale and urgency of the issues facing the planet have never been writ larger. Sir David Attenborough’s plastic plea in Blue Planet II at the start of the year and the chilling report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at the end, stress the need for immediate action to keep the planet’s temperature rise below 1.5C were just two of the resounding warnings sounded in 2018. These, plus a number of other major scientific reports published in 2018, are stark reminders that we all need to act, act now and in doing so go further and faster than we have ever done before.

The review of sustainability activity in 2018 reveals widespread progress. There is real encouragement to be found on a number of the key issues. Our interviews with leaders of some of the UK’s best-known foodservice businesses also demonstrate a commitment and resolve to go further in 2019.

The whole sector needs to act now to avert a climate catastrophe. By focusing on action, operators can answer consumers’ desire for more sustainable menus while also significantly reducing their emissions.

We have identified the three key issues we believe require urgent and concerted action from the UK hospitality industry.

Reducing the volume of:
- Meat on the menu
- Food in the bin
- Single-use plastic and packaging

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Every foodservice business needs to accept our challenge to implement and achieve the targets outlined in this report: to reduce the impact of the meals they serve by reducing the volume of meat on the menu, food in the bin and single-use plastic and packaging in their operation.

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