For everyone who cares about what they eat and the impact it has, we’ve been providing for almost a decade now a guide to those restaurants helping us use the power of our appetites wisely.

Now others are catching on…

Erstwhile friend of the Food Made Good UK and The Times restaurant critic Giles Coren has edited the UK edition of a global guide called Truth, Love and Clean Cutlery. It’s a beautiful thing in every way, featuring as it does close to 300 restaurants best at serving food that’s good in every way, complete with gorgeous pictures of many of their signature dishes. There are more than 50 Food Made Good UK members in the book and yes we do have skin in the game – we stand to gain a percentage of the profits.

For your chance to win a signed copy of the book just answer this one simple question by Sunday 11th November:

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Set your sustainability goals

As a collective, we have the power to create a better system; one that can sustainably support a healthier future for both people and planet. Together we can make a difference!

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