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By becoming a member of the Food Made Good UK you’re joining a community (both on and off-line) of like-minded chefs, restaurateurs, marketers, foodies and social changers.

We bring members together at regular issue specific events, as well as social gatherings and our annual Food Made Good Awards. Our campaigns provide members with issues to focus on ways to communicate to customers, and our extensive range of expert resources – created in partnership with industry-leading experts – are designed to keep you up to date with the latest advice and support on the big challenges facing the food system.

At the heart of membership sits our Sustainability Rating; an online, holisitic assessment of your business. It’s built on the three pillars of: Sourcing, Society and Environment, because we believe that the provenance of the food on the plate, how you treat the staff who prepare and serve that plate and what happens to any leftovers, all contribute to how ‘good’ that food really is.

Tailored services

If specific obstacles are preventing you from meeting your sustainability goals, we can draw on our extensive experience of working with foodservice businesses of all kinds to create the right bespoke package for you. Whether you’re a member of the SRA, or you’re looking for a one-off workshop or tailored training in a specific area, we will help you to get there.


Would you like to dig a bit deeper into your current practices, objectives or future goals but find it difficult to get the right people in the room at the same time? In addition to our rating assessment we offer bespoke workshops focusing on one or more of our ten key area framework, including Food Procurement, Food Waste and Packaging.

Our workshops are a perfect opportunity to get your team together for a day to explore your current practices and standards across your business. We provide a gap analysis and suggestions for future improvements bespoke to your business. Workshops participants could include key members of the Senior Management team for a Sustainability Strategy Workshop, your BOH team for an interactive Test Kitchen Workshop exploring how to serve more plant based dishes, or why not get the whole team together for a full 360 in-depth review of your business.

Tailored training

We believe that those who understand sustainability will cook and serve food that tastes better, has a lower environmental impact and a positive overall outcome for your business. Sustainability is complex, we’re not going to lie, but by breaking it down in bite size chunks we make it easier to understand.

Our comprehensive training programme provides a background to different sustainability frameworks, helps you understand the connections between our ten key areas and links your business goals with why we care about sustainability in the first place.

We tailor the sessions to your needs, previous knowledge and specific interest areas and provide an interactive and fun way for staff to learn about sustainability and how this fits in with their day to day work. This is an excellent way to market yourself to customers – happy, knowledgeable staff talking about all the great things you do! The training sessions can be delivered before or after the rating assessment to engage staff in your sustainability journey.



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As a collective, we have the power to create a better system; one that can sustainably support a healthier future for both people and planet. By becoming a member of the Food Made Good UK you’re joining a community of like-minded change-makers who are spearheading the movement.

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