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Every year, we use around 4.7bn plastic straws, 316m plastic stirrers, 7.7bn plastic bottles and 2.5bn coffee cups.¬†British beaches are littered with 5000 items of plastic per mile.¬†And it’s no secret that we need to cut down on our single-use plastic consumption globally, and urgently.

The Unwrapping Plastics Toolkit

Tackling plastic use in your business can be a confusing and frustrating task, but our Unwrapping Plastic toolkit is here to help. In this abridged version you will find a step-by-step guide to phasing out disposables, as well as an in-depth glossary of products and materials.

Take a look at our Unwrapping Plastics toolkit to help your business make a start.


Single-use Plastic image
Single-use Plastic image
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