Our members make our organisation great. From our events and to online, our supplier experts to our membership champions, we have a strong community working towards sustainability goals. Be inspired by your peers as we tackle contemporary issues and share expert advice.

“Our customers tell us that the broad issues around sustainability are more and more important. The Food Made Good UK gives us the support and confidence to start the journey and make positive changes”

Simon Kossoff, Carluccio's


Our awards celebrate the progress that has been made through our collective efforts in both pledging to and actioning initiatives that are creating fairer and more sustainable business models.

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The Food Made Good online community.

This is a unique platform where all of our 300+ members are encouraged to ask questions, share best practice and discuss key topics in a non-competitive environment. It is a place to ask questions, be inspired and connect with like-minded peers and experts in the field.

  • Introduce yourself and your business.
  • Put a face to a name, engage with peers and highlight your interests.
  • Post questions, share experiences, find out about the latest events.
  • Get exclusive information.
  • Discuss and collaborate, keep up with the industry.
  • Complete your rating with the new, intuitive system.

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  • The Food Made Good Rating. Completed online in the Food Made Good community, the rating is a survey capturing your activity across the three pillars of sustainability: Sourcing, Society and Environment. This helps simplify the steps to sustainability, measure progress and check this against industry benchmarks.
  • Resources and toolkits.
  • Food Made Good UK and other industry events.
  • Consultancy and training. We offer a range of personalised workshops and training sessions that are available to our members at a discounted rate


Receive practical sustainability information covering our 10 key sustainability areas.

“When we first joined the Food Made Good UK we were a good company with a desire to improve. The Food Made Good UK has helped us develop into one of the most sustainable restaurant groups in the country, which is one of our proudest achievements. Having good intentions is a great start but we’ve really benefitted from the practical support they’ve given us over the years.”

Will Beckett Co-founder, Hawksmoor


Join us on stage at the Food Made Good Awards or contribute to thought leadership at industry events.

When we come together, we share ideas and strengthen the community.

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