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Our Sustainability Rating, which drives our star accreditation, is the definitive statement of sustainable food service.

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Waste No Food

We avoid sending food waste to landfill

Reduce Reuse Recycle

We provide clearly labelled facilities for the separation of recyclable materials

Value Natural Resources

We train front and back of house staff to use energy and water efficiently

Feed People Well

We offer smaller portions, and healthier swaps and cooking methods

Support the Community

We have a strategy in place regarding charitable giving or community support

Treat Staff Fairly

We have a clearly defined public policy regarding the handling of tips and service charge

Support Global Farmers

The majority of the coffee we buy is covered by certification including Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or Organic

Source Fish Responsibly

We use fish rated 5 by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) on our menu

More Veg & Better Meat

We promote our efforts around sustainable meat and dairy to our customers

Celebrate Local and Seasonal

We source and promote our use of locally produced seasonal ingredients to customers

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