It’s one of those moments when, as an organisation that’s all about helping its members find the simple, effective sustainability solutions, you’re tempted to sit back and light up a big cigar.

Take one SRA Member keen to solve a nagging, but eminently solvable problem and match them with a Food Made Good Approved Supplier keen as mustard to help, and hey presto that cigar moment isn’t too far way. In fact the solution did involve a flammable object, but not one made of tobacco.

Petersham Nurseries, which operates a restaurant and a tea house, serves its fair share of coffee – ethical of course. But like many others is left with a big brown mess at the end of every day – waste coffee granules. 80 kg a month roughly.  What if someone could recycle that sludge into something useful?

That’s where, with a helpful introductory hand from the SRA’s own Yeshna Mistry, bio-bean comes in. They’re the clever folk who are now recycling 50,000 tonnes of the stuff – and turning it into biofuels. But there’s another bi-product – logs. Yep, it turns out that the fag end of your cappuccino burns like a beauty. And now Petersham Nurseries is selling the logs, which burner longer and hotter than regular wood ones – and bio-bean will collect the waste, for free, once a month.

Ella Foulser, of Petersham Nurseries, said: “While it’s not our exactly our coffee grounds that we’re selling in the shop as logs, it does feel like we are buying in and selling a sustainable form of energy  and we’re part of a circular, sustainable solution.”

And to broaden the impact of this new initiative, Petersham is ensuring that customers get to know this neat, story that quite literally leaves them with a warm glow.

If this idea has sparked your imagination, have a read of the Peterham Nurseries blog and check out what bio-bean could do for you.